Zmajevac is a place in Baranja that grew from a Roman colony Ad Novas. It is mentioned under the name Verusmorth in 1246, and near the village on the hill Varhegy in the 18th century are found remains of 24-angle fortress (castellum). The local population is known under the name of Hungarian name Vörösmart which comes from the legend of naughty redheaded Lady Martha who once lived here. (Here could be a link to an article about the legend of the Interesting facts)

The place is today known for its wine roads and surduk with numerous wine cellars. Surduk is a name for a steep, deeply cut path, a notch formed by the water, and its sides are a few meters high and they are usually interspersed with roots of trees whose canopy sometimes cover the pass which then looks like a tunnel. The vineyards are located on the south side of the hill, which guarantees the best conditions for the production of quality wines in Baranja. It is not surprising that the numerous of wine producers in Baranja are settled here, and some of them have included in their offer the excellent cuisine, and a variety of events related to the wine tasting.

Besides the vineyards, Zmajevac is surrounded by fertile fields and is located on the so-called Old Danube, the branch of the Danube River, which is considered one of the best destinations for freshwater fishing in Baranja.

Zmajevac is the host to the famous event "Kristkindl Markt". It is a celebration of the interesting traditional custom in this place, precisely rural custom of processions "little Jesuses" and angels from house to house.

If you want to enjoy the excellent cuisine, visit Zmajevac.