The plow and bird

Suza is a settlement in Croatia that is somewhat younger, but no less interesting than Zmajevac. It was first mentioned in 1252. in the grant of King Bela IV., as Chuza. In the period from 1698 to 1734, it was owned by Eugene of Savoy. Kristina, the daughter of Maria Theresia, got the village as a gift in 1780 and later, through her marriage, it became property of the Habsburgs. The first seal of the village shows a plow and a bird with a huge bunch of grapes in its beak. It’s just enough information to conclude which activities the locals have always practiced. Like Zmajevac, Suza is situated on the southern slopes of Baranya hill, so the wines from Suza are just as great as the ones from Zmajevac.

One of the historical sights is an impressive reformative church, built on the hill, probably on top of the remains of former churches. Gedeon Ács was a priest in this church, later he was Kossuth's chaplain. First Catholic Church after the Turk occupation was built and sanctified in 2008 by a building entrepreneur from Suza. It is a modern building.

There is a legend about the golden war chariot, hidden by the Turks in the tunnels underneath the village and church hill.