The protected monument of St. Nichola’s Mill is located on the 18 km long stream Csele (so called the valley of roof tiles, which once included 24 water mills). It is the only remaining monument of industrial heritage of Mohacs which is still grinding with the help of stones and water streams of Csele. Besides that, in a building of the mill, there is a museum dedicated to the processing of cereals from prehistory till today. The process of milling is presented through a collection of objects which bring you back to the past. Every year, wheat is grinded here and the New Bread of Hungarians is baked on the Feast of St. Stephen. The courtyard is made special by one unique mechanical device in the whole world – Mill with millstones with pedals, whose existence dates back 300 years before Christ. St. Nichola’s Mill is an excellent resort that, apart from its historical heritage, offers a beautiful natural environment to visitors as well.