Siklos is a town in Baranya County in Hungary. It is located near the Croatian border, in southern Hungary, 8.5 km away from the river Drava. Siklos is the center of economic and cultural life of the area, which is famous for its wines as well as for its rich cultural heritage.

With the renewed historical center of the city with many charming streets that tell the story of some past times, the most famous monument of the city's castle Siklos. Built in the 13th century and upgraded over time, rises above the city and surrounding area by telling the story of their past owners and their adventures. With the castle binds interesting legend about 12 meters long python, thick as the thickest tree, which keeps goods Garai family. Exhibitions in the castle offer something for every visitor, including relics from the castle, the town and the battle that took place around him, artifacts from the Middle Ages related to hunting, painting and folk art.

At the foot of the hill there are some monuments from the Ottoman era as well as beautiful mosque of Malkoch-beg from 16. Century and gothic Franciscan church in Máriagyűd together with reformation church which are the final destinations of the regional pilgrimage path.

Newest attractions in town are the new swimming pools with wellness possibilities.