It is located in the Hungarian region of Baranja, on the southern slopes of the eastern part of mountain Villany, in the lap of the protected area Szársomlyó.

It was first mentioned in 1235 and the site was important in the time of the Tartar march. At the beginning of the 14th century there existed several villages.

Nagyharsány has many historical, cultural and natural values.

In an abandoned quarry is located National park of sculpture with more than a hundred free seted statues of local and foreign artists. The resort and park of sculptures are the central place of the famous festival Ördögkatlan (Devil's boiler), which became one of the most famous events in Hungary since 2008.

National architecture is best seen in a number of locally protected prešaonicama of grapes and wine cellars.

Protected area Szársomlyó is the only Hungarian strictly protected finding of Hungarian plant crocus (Colchicum hungaricum). Except the crocus on the mountain rises 75 protected plant species of which four can be found only in this area of Hungary.

Some of the better known attractions include: Bust Mihály Sztárai (reformist missionary and preacher), Monument of Harsany battle, Memorial plaque of Mihály Táncsics, Collection of local history, Crystalcave.