It is widely known as an ethnic village that offers a rich gastronomic and tourist offer. Locals have successfully kept a tradition of producing excellent wines.

In Karanac you will notice the traditional architecture - elongated house built around a courtyard, long porches and walls painted with interesting motives reminiscent of the properties as can be seen on the Spanish south or in their former colonies, but in fact they are traditional Pannonian houses, intense built during the rule of Austria -Hungary.

Every year is held traditional winter fair on which exhibitors are offering home-made products, processed meat, salty, sweet and sour. With the Winter Fair is held known competition in making cracklings - Čvarakfest.

If you like active holidays, this village can provide you interesting activities, such as driving off-road vehicle in Baranja, cooking courses, a visit to the wine cellar in the Knezevi Vinogradi and wine tasting, trying out the old sports etc.