The Dragojlo hill

When you are in municipality of Kneževi Vinogradi, you can visit the nearby Jasenovac, which offers a mystical story of the Dragojlo hill, related to Osman treasure. On a slight hill there is an old cemetery and a ruined chapel. According to the legend, Turks have buried there the treasures that they robbed. They were trying to come back and take these valuables individually, but they never succeeded. Allegedly, Osmans have set up the door at the treasure burial site on which the sun is pointing at exact noon. Those who have tried to find a door did not have a good fortune.
The story has a sequel. A similar thing happened to one of the Baranja’s residents as he returned from one of the many battlefields at the end of World War II. He heard the legend somewhere on the battlefield and decided to personally look for the goods as soon as he returned home, but the attempt was unsuccessful, and he began to behave quite strangely. He died and soon after his wife followed him out of sorrow. The story gets more impressive due to the alleged prohibition of land cultivation around the hill, imposed after World War II, but also because of substantiated allegations that the entire area is actually a major archaeological site. The older farmers of Belje Company remember the warning from their manager who advised them not to linger around the Dragojlo hill.