Courtyard of “Busó”

Courtyard of “Busó” is located in the center of the town Mohács. The aim of this complex is to get visitors acquaint with these several centuries old Carnival traditions, all year round, which is included in the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Read more: In the exhibition workshops, located in courtyard of Busó, everyone interested can get to know the old crafts related to the production of diverse objects and masks. The guests of the Courtyard are greeted by three Busó statues, made by famous Hungarian artist Ferenc Trisler. In one of the buildings there is a restaurant and cafe where food can be prepared over an open fire. The biggest attraction of Busó's Courtyard is a showroom with the permanent exhibition of 70 Busós. Besides that, visitors can also see the props used during the carnival events such as: „Devils wheel“, cannons, boat.