Batina grew out of the Roman fort Ad Miliare. Todays name likely dates from the local legend of the red haired Martha, because of the stick with which she had beaten farmers was found on the banks of the Danube in Batina.

Zeleni otok (Croatian for Green Island) and whole panorama of the Danube, steep loam slopes of Bansko hill, gallery forests on flood plains and the monument by sculptor Antun Augustinčić contribute to an impressive impression of Batina.

The monument and memorial complex mark the site of the great battle, in which participated troops of the Soviet Red Army and the National Liberation Army of Yugoslavia from the 11 to 30 November 1944. Three years after the Batina battle on the angle 169, a place of the fiercest fight, was build a monument to the Red Army. The centrepiece of the monument is a monumental obelisk 27 meters high, on top of which is an eight-meter high bronze sculpture of Victory. A special feature of the monument provides a common tomb of 1297 soldiers of the Red Army.

Every year in the first weekend of July is held Regatta of peace that starts from Batina from the Zeleni otok, and the route is a Zeleni otok, Aljmaš, Vukovar, Ilok.

Every year in August on Zeleni otok is organized Biker meeting with music by good rock bands. Good atmosphere attract a large number of visitors to Baranja.